ZygoDx® range of diagnostic tests for mucormycosis

ISCA has developed a lateral-flow device for mucormycosis, the second most common mould disease of humans after aspergillosis. The test uses a monoclonal antibody KC9 specific to Rhizopus arrhizus, the principal global agent of ‘black fungus’ disease, and responsible for the majority of life-threatening rhino-orbital-cerebral, pulmonary and disseminated infections in humans.

We have also developed a Mucorales-specific lateral-flow device that detects all other agents of mucormycosis including ApophysomycesCunninghamellaLichtheimiaMucorand Rhizomucor.   

Both of our lateral-flow tests are compatible with serum and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid, providing a unique opportunity for the rapid point-of-care detection of this highly aggressive angio-invasive disease of humans.  

For further details of the tests please contact info@iscadiagnostics.com.