ISCA is proud to be an industry partner in the EU-funded five-year FP7 project MATHIAS  developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for invasive pulmonary aspergillosis, a devastating disease of immuno-compromised patients.

ISCA’s role in the development of F(ab) and scFv fragments and a fully humanised version of its patented monoclonal antibody JF5, means that state-of-the-art molecular imaging of Aspergillus lung infections will be available in the hospital setting, in the near future.

Recent publications describing our work on molecular imaging of human infectious diseases

Rolle A-M, Hasenberg M, Thornton CR, Solouk-Saran D, Männ L, Weski J, Maurer A, Fischer E, Spycher P, Schibli R, et al. (2016). Immuno-PET/MR Imaging Allows Specific Detection of Aspergillus fumigatus Lung Infection in vivo. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA 113: 1026-1033.

Wiehr S, Warnke P, Rolle A-M, Schutz M, Kohlhofer U, Quintanilla-Martinez de Fend L, Maurer A, Thornton CR, Boschetti F, Reischl G, et al. (2016). New Pathogen-Specific ImmunoPET/MR Tracer for Molecular Imaging of a Systemic Bacterial Infection. Oncotarget 7: 10990-11001.

Davies G, Rolle A-M, Maurer A, Spycher PR, Schillinger C, Solouk-Saran D, Hasenberg M, Weski J, Fonslet J, Dubois A, Boschetti F, Denat F, Gunzer M, Eichner M, Ryder LS, Jensen M, Schibli R, Pichler BJ, Wiehr S, Thornton CR. (2017). Towards Translational ImmunoPET/MR Imaging of Invasive Pulmonary Aspergillosis: The Humanised Monoclonal Antibody JF5 Detects Aspergillus Lung Infections In Vivo. Theranostics 7: 3398-3414.

Henneberg S, Hasenberg A, Maurer A, Neumann F, Bornemann L, Gonzales-Menendez I, Kraus A, Hasenberg M, Thornton CR, Pichler BJ, Gunzer M, Beziere N. (2021). Antibody-guided in vivo imaging of Aspergillus fumigatus lung infections during antifungal azole treatment. Nature Communications 12: 1707.

ISCA is keen to form alliances and welcomes dialogue with potential partners for licensing opportunities.