About Isca

Established by Dr Christopher Thornton, Isca Diagnostics is a University of Exeter spin-out company specialising in point-of-care diagnostics for life-threatening fungal infections of humans.

Isca enables transfer of Dr Thornton’s University R&D in hybridoma technology and monoclonal antibodies to the medical sector, providing the healthcare profession with easy access to highly accurate diagnostic tests for human mycoses.

Strategic Partnership

In 2012, Isca Diagnostics entered into a strategic partnership with OLM Diagnostics, to offer a range of diagnostic tests for opportunistic fungal infections of humans using Isca’s monoclonal antibodies specific to Candida, Aspergillus, Fusarium, Pseudallescheria-Scedosporium complex, Lomentospora (Scedosporium) prolificans and Trichosporon.

Isca as an SME partner

Isca is proud to be a company partner in the EU-funded five-year FP7 project MATHIAS developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for invasive pulmonary aspergillosis, a devastating disease of immuno-compromised patients. Isca’s role in the development of humanized, F(ab), and scFv versions of its patented monoclonal antibody JF5, means that state-of-the-art molecular imaging of Aspergillus lung infections will be available in the hospital setting, in the near future.